Bioclimatic has 40 years of experience in the field of high quality air purification and disinfection systems. This makes Bioclimatic to one of the market leaders in their business. The focus of their research and development work is the continuous improvement of the human environment through the 3 core areas: air ionization, air disinfection, and exhaust air cleaning.

Why to buy Bioclimatic?

Air pollution is a common problem in bakeries and kitchens. Not only that there is a lack of oxigene. Whereas smells in the air are just inconvenient,
hot and humid air inside the bakery will create mould fungus. Even bacteria or virus may circle around in the air of a kitchen, being a hazard to customers and guests. To give a solution to our customers and partners, we proudly present the new Bioclimatic air degerminators.
Bioclimatic air degerminators purify the air and kill odour molecules, bacteria and virus based on the ioniziation principle. They „copy“ the natural process of air regeneration and transfer it to the conditions of indoor spaces. A variety of models is available. Either to be located in the bakery or kitchen or to be built into the aircon system. The actual model to be choosen depends on the room size.

Natural principle for a good indoor climate

Do you know the fresh smell after a thunderstorm? The air smells like washed. The high voltage splits the oxygen molecules in positive and negative charged ions (bipolar ionisation). These particles are highly reactive and act as an oxidizing agent. The ionized air reacts with organic molecular chains like germs, fungal spores and bacteria or even odour molecules. These chains are broken up and are made harmless. The high-voltage discharge is nothing more than the lightning miniature format that bioclimatic device produces. Thus, the devices imitate the nature by bipolar ionisation.

Where to buy Bioclimatic?

Our company is the official distributor for Bioclimatic in the area of south-east Asia.

Areas of application:

  • Food industry
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Offices and administration buildings
  • Hospitals and medical laboratories
  • Animal breeding and husbandry
  • High odour contaminated operations


  • Provides hygienic clean air
  • Low power consumption
  • no maintenance expenses
  • increase wellness and efficiency
  • extend time of permanency

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