Tekno Stamap

Tekno Stamap was founded in 1982 by Antonio Baldovin and Remigio Dante. Tekno Stamap target is to develop and manufacture the best dough-processing system for the bakery and pastry industries.
Today Tekno Stamap´s portfolio is enriched by dough sheeters, different mixers, croissant lines and make-up lines for bread, pizza and pastries. The excellent quality of Tekno Stamap is justified by it´s totally autonomous production process. Almost 80% of essential parts for Tekno Stamap machines were produced by themselves.
Customers worldwide are working every day with machines of Tekno Stamap. Independent where, if in a French Boulangerie, which bakes fresh baguettes in Paris, a baker in China, who produces delicious sweet pastry for his customers, or even big factories for confectionary. Everybody is satisfied!

Why to buy Tekno Stamap? Tekno Stamap machines has a reliable high quality and are benchmark in quality-cost ratio. The machines are easy to handle and need a minimum of maintenance. The client can find in Tekno Stamap a dynamic, autonomous, reliable, flexible and technologically advanced machine, which is promising a thriving business as well.


  • Matching machine for every customer. From manageable machine up to complete plants
  • Every single machine is thoroughly tested and proven before packaging and shipping.
  • Our customers just have to make connections and start the production line!
  • Reliable machines and benchmark in quality-cost ratio
  • Quality made in Italy, where bakery products are a part of cultural history

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