Rowlett Rutland toaster

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Whether it’s for household or commercial use, you can’t get better than a Rowlett Rutland toaster, the World’s Best Toaster. Rowlett take toast seriously. Since 1945, their British craftsmen have been creating the finest toasters` money can buy.

Today, Rowlett toasters are designed for ergonomic work. The Rowlett craftsmen use the highest quality materials such as stainless steel, and Rowlett toasters are renowned for being the best there is worldwide.

Different models are available- the regent toaster with 4; 6; 8 or 12 slots in 13 colours, the Premier toaster with 2; 4; 6; or 8 slots and conveyor toaster for 1;  2 or 3 lines of toasts.

Through all this, Rowlett never lost sight of their goal: to enable chefs to create first-class cuisine.
And lightly-buttered, golden-brown masterpieces, of course too.

Why to buy Rowlett

Due to more than 70 years of experience, the Rowlett craftsmen know their job. Even today, these fantastic toasters are manufactured in Bristol, UK. They last long, have an awarded design and the highest baking result

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