Hammonia Retarder Proofers with computerized controls


The Hammonia Retarder Proofers cabinet are a useful and necessary instrument in bakeries which produce proved/lievened product (pastries, bakeries and pizzerias)

Thanks to the great flexibility such as the temperature range (from -18°C to +36°C) and humidity (from 65 to 95%), and the modern programming and control system, it is possible to use this machinery as retarder-proofer, proofer room, defrosting room and refrigerated cabinet.
The Retarder/Proofer is an excellent way to maximize square footage and add flexibility to production scheduling for small bakeries, large supermarkets or institutions. The space-saving combination eliminates the need for additional equipment by combining all the features of a proofing cabinet and a retarder into one unit.


The Hammonia Retarder Proofers are characterized by following features:

  • Body-cabinet internal and external in stainless steel
  • Guides for trays provided with the machine (no.10 couples)are easily attachable to the rack, and are equipped with slide-lock.
  • Special pan-holding structure with a 10 mm pitch grants a storage according to personal and specific needs
  • Robust feet with adjustable height up to an extant of 60 mm
  • All along the perimeter of the door there is a special magnetic gasket which guarantees the thermal sealing
  • The condensing unit, placed on the upper part of the cabinet, guarantees an excellent yeld and reduces obstruction condenser problems
  • The opening dashboard allows easy periodic cleaning of the condenser
  • The door may be reversed and is self-closing for angles of less than 90°




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