Hammonia Water Cooler with different tank capacities up to 300 l


In small bakeries, the use of refrigerated water is always more widespread, in order to verify the mixture temperature. Our water coolers offers efficient, competitive and compact solutions for the production of cold water in medium-small bakeries or in the confectionary. All the machines are sized to work also with high room temperature , typical in summertime, when the water refrigeration is indispensable.

The water cooler operate on a simple system: Fresh drinking water under natural pressure, runs through a spiral in a 0°C water bath, forcibly cooled by means of ice, accumulated along the walls of the bath. The chilled water cannot be contaminated, as with this closed system the water is not in contact with open air. The outlet temperature remains stable, without major fluctuations, which improves the dough quality. By using powerful stirring motors with large fans, the optimal cooling capacity is reached.

The using of these machine helps to improve the production process during warmer months. It’s also a very good help in the industrial laboratories for the production of base pizzas, balls pizzas and frozen pizzas, making it easier to work with the mixture. Can also be used in the industrial confectionaries to  ensure a more easy mixture working.

Joanna Levin Hammonia Water Cooler


The Water Cooler WC  is characterized by following features:

  • Works with high room temperature
  • Improves productive process
  • Efficient and competetive solution
  • Tank Capacities: 100 l, 150 l, 200 l, 300 l


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